Welcome to Wood N' Wheels

Wood N Wheels are NZ made interactive educational wooden toys designed not only to be fun but to help develop fine motor and problem-solving skills through features such as removable loads, interconnecting parts and hand crank-operated magnetic cranes. They also encourage learning through shapes and colours. They are suitable for preschools and private homes alike. Since the business was established in January 2014, Wood N Wheels toys have been sold in more than 300 pre-schools with a number of repeat customers.

The range comprises over 50 individual toys or sets from small vehicles through to larger machinery, ships cranes and mining and quarrying systems capable of keeping up to six children occupied at once. They are derived from an earlier range of toys some of which have been in continuous use at preschools for more than 10 years.

Wood N Wheels toys are made from untreated timber and plywood with recycled timber used where possible to further enhance their environmentally sustainable credentials.